Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Joining Spaces

Do you ever wonder how the heck you're going to move in to a space with your significant other? I say don't throw away all the glitz and glam, just have less out in the open! (obviously all the glitz and glam will be brought out when your hosting a ladies night) I believe men don't mind a feminine touch every once in a while, they just care if the space is comfortable for them! And they should feel like they have made some design decisions. Why not have an eclectic feel to make both parties happy? A traditional lay out with modern accents? Below are some ideas to have a positive living space together.

1. Having leather and darker woods is always a great start to make him feel comfortable.
2. Grey hues will work with every colour that you decide to put into the room (even the feminine colours!)
3. Some fabrics/textiles that will work well are burlap, leather, basket weaves, metal, and reclaimed woods.
4. Let him have his own inputs as well. He lives there too!
5. Big pieces of art work for him, maybe he's into old movie posters or aviation? Incorporate his hobbies into the space.
6. Or even give him his own man cave? Far away from the rest of the house!
7. I know most men aren't fond of too many throw pillows, so take it easy with them! He will want to cuddle with you not the mountain of pillows.

A place to check out masculine art pieces that could suit both your styles are Restoration Hardware and Country Furniture.

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Lorne said...

This post scares me a bit especially because #2 already happened. But your right on the money with #5,6 and 7.