Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Industrial Furniture

We have been seeing industrial furniture as a back drop in the fashion industry for the last few years, so naturally we now want to convey it into our own spaces. Industrial furniture has been re-invented many times before and we are now are seeing it being mixed with different design aspects like modernism, traditionalism and country. One of the biggest trends with re-inventing industrial furniture is to find antique pieces and transform them into something new. Like a large antique wall clock turned into a glass covered table, or changing a factory cart into a statement coffee table or wall fixture. If you're really into this style movement at the moment I would definitely recommend watching The Picker Sisters show it's about two friends who travel around the United States in search of antiques and rare collectibles to transform them into unique pieces for their home decor store in Los Angeles.
I recommend checking out www.antiquesdirect.ca for a full range of distinctive furnishings and lighting and Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn for similar pieces. Antique industrial furniture is a part of a new global style and I believe it is here to stay.

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Martin Eric said...

Rightly said Elisa, I’ve observed that over the course of last few years, a trend has been set of redefining industrial furniture to make something exceptional and new. In fact people tend to use industrial furniture items in home and garden to make something unique.
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