Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A great way to bring in some personal art into a space is by hanging up eclectic picture frames. Where ever you travel pick up a frame and add it to your collection. In no time you will have gathered enough to create an art piece of your own! Each frame will tell a different story and you will be able to bring home a little of your travels each time. Don't hesitate in mixing and matching the frames with sizes and colours, that's the beauty of having that eclectic touch you want. Even if there isn't any photos to go in the frames that's fine because each frame has its own story. Or what about a picture box frame? That will definitely catch some glances, having a picture box frame gives you the ability to put memorable items inside it. For example sand and shells from your favourite beach destination or maybe something more sentimental like baby booties? Anything is possible!

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